Crater Lake – North America – US

Location: Klamath County, South-Central Oregon, Western USA

Latitude:  42.95°N   Longitude: 122.10°W

Crater Lake is one of the most beautiful travel spots of Oregon. It is a caldera lake that formed almost 7700 years ago following the eruption and the collapse of the volcano Mount Mazama, one in the chain of volcanoes that includes Mount St. Helens. No rivers are flowing into or out of the lake. It is fed only by falling rain and snow and the total amount of water is replaced every 250 years.

It’s deepest point reaches 1949 ft (594 m), feature which makes it the deepest lake in the United States and the ninth deepest in the world.

Why should you visit Crater Lake: One of its astonishing  characteristic is the clear intense blue of the water that looks like ink and offers each person’s sight a great feeling of peace and eternity.

Another striking element of Crater Lake is a floating log called The Old Man of the Lake (name given to a 30 ft (9 m) tall tree stump) which has been floating vertically in Oregon’s Crater Lake since 1896. At the waterline, the stump has 2 ft (60 cm) in diameter and stands 4 ft (120 cm) above the water.

A small island within the lake, called the Wizard Island, named like this because of its resemblance to a magician’s hat and its small crater at the top, inspired James Sutton, editor of the Oregon Sentinel (Jacksonville) in 1869 and named it Crater Lake.

Do you know things about Crater Lake:

  • Crater Lake is surrounded by cliffs reaching up to 2000 feet above which offer the public a magic view.
  • Algaphogopsis, also known as the Crater Lake Mite, is a microscopic animal that lives in the waters of Crater Lake.
  • Seven different trees live on the island from Crater Lake. Colonies of violet green swallows, and several varieties of wildflowers and lichens are also living there.
  • Crater Lake National Park was established in 1902 and it’s the fifth oldest national park in the United States and the only one in the state of Oregon. William Gladstone Steel tried for 17 years to convince Congress that a national park should be created in order to protect Crater Lake. He succeeded on May 22, 1902 when the National Park of Crater Lake was authorized.
  • Crater Lake National Park is covered by snow for eight months of the year but the lake rarely freezes due in part to a relatively mild flow from the Pacific Ocean.

Best Things to Do in the Crater Lake National Park:

  • Fishing –  Can be practiced during the fishing Season from May 20 until Oct 31; however, it is legal to fish on the lake year round. No license is required.
  • Scuba Diving – There are no charges for scuba diving. A ranger will confirm diving abilities and give specific information about diving in the lake to each tourist who wants to explore it.
  • Day Hiking – Hiking or climbing inside the caldera is prohibited. The Cleetwood Trail is the only safe and legal access to the lake’s shore.
  • Bicycling – is welcomed on the paved roads from the Crater Lake National Park, not on its trails.

Best time to visit Crater Lake is during the summer, from May until mid October. July, August, and September are perfect for visiting due to dry, warm weather. A typical daytime temperature during these three months is around 67°F (19°C), but can range from 40°F to more than 80°F (4°C to 27°C). Temperatures cool off rapidly in the evening and can reach 40 °F (4°C).

October usually offers the tourists cool but sunny days and brings also the first snowflakes by mid-month.

Crater Lake Neighborhoods & Towns : Crater Lake is located in Klamath County. It is located 60 miles (97 km) northwest of the county seat of Klamath Falls, and about 80 miles (130 km) northeast of the city of Medford.

Places where tourists can stay during their visits to Crater Lake:

  • Rim Village Visitor Center is located on the south rim of the caldera, approximately 200 yards west of the Crater Lake Lodge. It is open from June until late September. General park information and educational sales items are available there.
  • Mazama Village Campground is located 7 miles from the rim of Crater Lake just inside the south entrance gate of Crater Lake National Park. It has 214 tents and RV sites. The campground is open from mid-June to late September or early October if weather conditions are good.

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